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    AmazingCounters.com provides the best free hit counters and free web counters. Choose from hundreds of unique styles and get free website traffic stats too. Create your own web counter instantly, in simple html with no javascript required. Just copy and paste to install, with detailed help provided for MySpace, Yahoo Geocities, MSN Spaces, Blogger, BlogSpot, Google Pages, Frontpage, Namo WebEditor, Nvu, Dreamweaver and other webpage design programs.


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    Browse 24 Categories and
    Over 750 Counter Styles

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    You can instantly create a web counter right now from the best free hit counter service on the Internet. We include:

    • Over 750+ unique and original styles
    • High quality with fast and reliable access
    • Includes free web site traffic statistics
    • Simple sign up and installation (copy & paste)
    • We provide detailed installation instructions for MySpace, Xanga, MSN Spaces, Frontpage, Dreamweaver and other web page design programs
    • Our service is FREE!

    Create Your Free Web Counter Now!


    Learn why to choose Amazing Counters, more about our styles and why we're the best free counter out there. You won't find anyone with such a wide selection of styles that are of such fine quality. Browse through all the styles offered, and chances are you will find many designs that would be the perfect complement to your site. There are many different sizes and colors available, and if you are into animals, sports, technology or holidays, you have many choices.

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